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Great Place to Work

Follow the Golden Rule
Tell the truth
Support Innovation: we must innovate to thrive & survive
Make a commitment... keep a commitment
Continuously Improve – plan, do, check, act (PDCA)
Outcome driven – not activity driven
Start with the end in mind
Creativity before capital

If the above values and guiding principles speak to you, you might just have the right stuff for Master Fluid Solutions.

A Bright Future...

Master Fluid Solutions is a transitioning organization that is experiencing a new chapter of growth on a world wide basis. We are a strong company that has aggressive goals and expectations to grow our company 60% over a 5-year period... and we are well on our way to meeting those goals. The culture is entrepreneurial, responsive, adaptive and fast moving.

A Proud History...

Master Fluid Solutions was founded by Clyde A. Sluhan in 1951 not simply as a business for the sake of making profit but as a company dedicated to the improvement of manufacturing productivity to benefit mankind with a higher standard of living at an ever lower cost. He believed that he was put on the earth not to "pursue happiness", but to help others, and in the words of philosopher Leo Rosten, "to have it make some difference that (he) lived at all."

A Great Company

Our commitment to environmental responsibility and product stewardship is supported by extensive training of our associates, distributors and end-users. We believe sound environmental practices that contribute to less waste, lower costs, and higher efficiency make good economic sense. We attract, retain and develop Great People by fostering a corporate culture that enhances creativity, continuous learning and improvement, teamwork, responsibility and mutual trust.