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Specialty Fluids

Specially suited to your operation:

TRIM® specialty fluids are specifically tailored to unique needs, such as very high-pressure or high-volume applications, or to address specific code or approval requirements.

Whatever your problem or unique requirement, there is always a TRIM solution for you.

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TRIM™ MQL™ 100

Minimum Quantity Lubrication Fluid

TRIM MQL™ 100 is a high performance, vegetable-ester based micro lubrication fluid. It is fully compatible with all “micro lube” and micro mist systems. MQL 100 contains a blend of environmental and operator friendly materials that provide very high levels of EP and boundary lubrication to control built up edge (BUE) and sliding friction. MQL 100 outperforms the competition in sawing, drilling, tapping, and milling, to name but a few. In situations where it is impractical to use a micro lubrication applicator, MQL 100 may be manually applied to the tool or work piece.

  • Very low mist
  • Environmentally friendly, renewable resource based
  • Low consumption, out-performing the more expensive products
  • Easily water washable – does not produce hard to remove residues
  • Promotes superior finish and tool life and is compatible with all materials
  • Has been extensively tested and proven in all major brands of micro lube applicators
  • Very high levels of lubricity with minimum quantities of material at the point of cut for high material removal