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Fluid Mixers

Master Fluid Solutions has developed a line of mechanical coolant concentrate mixers to meet the needs of all metalworking shops. These mixers eliminate the traditional fluid mixing methods which often result in poor fluid concentration with subsequent problems of corrosive machine maintenance, fluid rancidity and the final expense of fluid disposal.

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Positive Displacement Proportioners


The UNIMIX™ is a water-driven, positive displacement proportioner, which dispenses coolant on demand at the desired concentration. Special units are availible for alkaline parts washing fluids.


  • Concentration control
  • Reduces concentrate waste
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Nonelectrical
  • Adjustable

Water Flow Rate

  • 5.0 US gpm (19 lpm) noted average flow rate

Mixture Range

  • 8 oz. E.M. 1% to 4%
  • 16 oz. S.S. 1% to 8%
  • 32 oz. X.L. 2%; to 15%

Special UNIMIX for Cleaners

  • UNIMIX™ EMC 1% to 6% (up to 12pH)
  • UNIMIX™ pH 1% to 6% (up to 14pH)

    XYBEX™ Automix Master

    Unlock the Next Generation of Automated Mixing Solutions

    XYBEX™ Automix Master

    Elevate your fluid management with XYBEX™ Automix Master, setting new standards of excellence.

    • Accurate coolant concentration & level control with PLC technology and flow sensor.
    • Effortless concentration adjustment via intuitive touch screen.
    • Swift equipment failure detection with self-diagnostic features.
    • Perfectly mixed coolants for optimized performance.
    • Cost-saving through lower usage and less labor intensive.
    • Optimize coolant performance with right concentration.

      XYBEX™ Master Blend

      Peak Performance Unleashed with Venturi Mixer!

      XYBEX™ Master Blend

      Optimize Performance: XYBEX™ Master Blend Venturi Coolant Mixer!

      • Built to last with high durability: crafted from billet 6061 Aluminum
      • Chemically resistant surface treatment ensures longevity
      • Enhanced control with a double-lock dial system
      • Versatile mounting options: compatible with both drums and pails
      • Suited for metalworking fluids, including soluble and semi-synthetic
      • Ensures precision and consistency in concentration mixtures
      • Powered by water, eliminating the need for electricity
      • Minimized downtime for increased productivity