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Cutting & Grinding Fluid Additives

The troubleshooters:

As cutting and grinding fluids can start to break down over time, tank-side additives can solve a number of problems. There are TRIM® tank-side additives compatible with most coolants to extend tap and tool life, improve mechanical lubricity, control built-up edge, prevent stained parts, control foam, stabilize the emulsion, and replenish dye.

Whatever your problems and concerns, ask your TRIM specialist if a tank-side additive could be the answer.

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TRIM™ TC 155

Nonferrous Corrosion Inhibitor

TRIM™ TC 155

TRIM TC 155 is a nonferrous corrosion inhibitor for use in water soluble and straight oil systems. It is particularly effective in preventing staining and white rust on die cast alloys containing copper.

  • Prevents staining and white rust on die cast alloys containing copper
  • Nonferrous corrosion inhibition

TRIM™ TC 175

Chlorinated Lubricity Additive

TRIM™ TC 175

TRIM TC 175 is a chlorinated EP (extreme pressure) lubrication/emulsifier additive package. It may be added to water-soluble coolant systems to replace or increase the presence of the chlorine EP additives in the system.

  • New, easier to mix formulation
  • New, chlorine EP additives stay in systems longer

TRIM™ TC 177

Odor Mask

TRIM™ TC 177

TRIM TC 177 is a "vanilla" odor mask. This product may be used to reduce some of the odors associated with coolant systems.

  • "Vanilla" odor mask



TRIM TC 241A is a long lasting antifoam that does not contain any of the silicone or poly-siloxane ingredients usually found in antifoam. This unique formula results in much longer functional life when compared to traditional antifoams.

  • Only add to synthetic fluids
  • Use 0.01 (100 PPM) as the add rate
  • Pre-mix in either clean water or coolant working solution
  • Adding a little at a time, “up stream” of the filter helps to ensure maximum effectiveness
  • When properly mixed into the working solution, TRIM TC 241A will pass through filtration down to 2 microns, however, when not properly mixed, it may be filtered out
  • This material is very stable, and when properly mixed, three to four weeks between adds is typical
  • Fluid temperatures must be 21°C or higher at the point of agitation