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Straight Oil Cutting & Grinding Fluids

Straight to the point-of-cut:

TRIM straight oils, used "straight up" without dilution of water, provide maximum lubricity. TRIM neat oils have super lubrication and extreme pressure ability, which effectively protects the tool, prolongs its service life, and can obtain extremely high workpiece precision and surface finish.

Depending on the specific product, some TRIM straight oils are a high-end blend of various base oils; while others contain extreme-pressure additives to control built-up edge and prolong tool life.

Get straight to the cut with TRIM straight oils.

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High Flash Point Gear Grinding Oil

TRIM OGM100HF is a high-efficiency grinding oil composed of high-quality mineral oil and various high-quality oil additives. This product has good permeability and lubricity, and can be used in the grinding process of materials (especially gear grinding) like cast iron, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc. It is also suitable for various profile grinding, internal and external grinding, cutting, centerless grinding, and other grinding processes.

  • Does not contain phosphorus or heavy metals, which protects the environment and reduces pollution
  • Light color, low odor
  • Good material compatibility
  • Safe and non-irritating to the skin
  • Produces good surface finishes
  • Provides high-strength lubricity in various medium-to-heavy-duty machining operations
  • Meets the cutting requirements of various machining operations: such as, automatic lathes, special machines, CNC lathes, and machining centers.

TRIM™ OM 210

High-performance, Cutting and Grinding Oil

TRIM OM 210 is a low-odor, light-colored oil designed for operations where low viscosity and high lubricity are required. In addition to general machining, OM 210 is particularly effective in deep-hole drilling and creepfeed grinding where its ability to flow into the cutting zone and "wet" the surfaces increases tool life and reduces heat.

  • Light color and low odor
  • High flash point
  • Minimal carry over loss
  • Excellent chips flushing and low foam
  • Oxidation inhibited for longer life
  • Excellent tool life properties

TRIM™ OM 222

High-performance Cutting Oil

TRIM OM 222 is a high-performance, light color, straight cutting oil which reduces the formation of built-up edge in cutting hard-to-machine materials. TRIM OM 222 has a balanced extreme-pressure package for excellent finishes and tool life on variety of metals.

  • Excellent lubricity for efficient metal removal
  • Light color and low odor for good operator acceptance
  • Suitable for machining difficult ferrous and stainless steel alloys
  • High-quality raw materials resist oxidation
  • Lower viscosity allows better cooling
  • Safe for use on nonferrous as well as ferrous metals
  • OM 222 is excellent for use in screw machines and bar-fed, multi-station machines
  • The multi-metal compatibility of OM 222 makes it an excellent choice where a shop is working with a wide variety of materials

TRIM™ OM 303

Nonchlorinated Cutting and Lubricating Oil

TRIM™ OM 303

TRIM OM 303 is a highly formulated straight oil designed for use in conventional and Swiss style screw machines, high-speed turning centers, and high-performance, multi-station machines, such as Hydromats. OM 303 is safe for use on aluminum alloy and steel alloy parts, as well as cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze. This product is excellent for high-pressure applications such as thread rolling and thread-form tapping. OM 303 has proven itself in difficult operations on stainless and bearing steels. OM 303 provides lubrication properties similar to ISO 32 general-purpose lube oils.

  • Very light colored and clean running
  • Low foaming and low misting for use in aggressive operations
  • Oxidation inhibited for longer life, and an excellent choice where both ferrous and aluminum or copper alloy parts are being machined aggressively
  • Far easier to wash off parts than many oils of similar or even lower performance
  • Has replaced dark, active sulfur/chlorine straight oils in several large operations while providing superior results in tool life
  • An outstanding product in thread rolling, thread form tapping, and in Swiss screw machines with solid bushings
  • Contains no active sulfur; therefore, does not stain parts

TRIM™ OM 360

Straight Cutting Oil

TRIM OM 360 is a high quality mineral oil containing an effective synthetical ester additive. It is designed for cutting and grinding a wide range of materials, and especially for steel broaching. This product can also be used for tapping, gear milling, or reaming. It is also suitable for aluminum alloy machining and steel heat treatment.

  • Excellent EP lubricating performance, good built up edge control (B.U.E.), provides super surface finish
  • Provides outstanding lubricating and cooling necessary for deep hole machining
  • Low mist and volatilization, keep working environment clean


Heavy-duty Cutting Oil

TRIM OM350C is a heavy duty, mineral oil based cutting oil formulated with high performance synthetic ester-based additives. It can be used for a variety of metal cutting and grinding processing, especially suitable for steel broaching. This product is also suitable for tapping, milling, and reaming processes. Also suitable for multi metal applications such as copper alloy, aluminum alloy, and heat-treated steel.

  • Excellent extreme pressure lubrication, inhibiting BUE generated, providing an excellent surface finish
  • Provides excellent lubrication and cooling for machining deep holes
  • Low oil mist, low volatility, maintains a clean working environment