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Spray Alkaline In-process Cleaners

By flooding parts with the chemical cleaner, spray cleaning offers a fast, effective way to remove soil, coolant, and oil residue from a variety of metals, and Master STAGES spray cleaners are specially tailored to do the job quickly, effectively, with less makeup, and no staining of parts. Master STAGES in-process spray cleaners are tough and fast-acting with very low V.O.C. and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients.

There's a Master STAGES spray cleaner specifically designed for cleaning residues ranging from coolant, light to heavy oil, grease, drawing compounds, lubricants, waxy soil, oxidation, or rust from metals ranging from aluminum, steels, cast iron, stainless steels, alloys, brass, bronze, copper, to magnesium.

Offering increased life, good tramp oil rejection, low odor, low foam, and low mist, and additional corrosion protection, highly-concentrated Master STAGES spray cleaners produce clean parts while reducing overall costs.

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Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2017

Economical Heavy-duty Spray Cleaner

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2017

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2017 is an economical heavy-duty spray cleaner that removes heavy soils and oily residues from ferrous and magnesium parts. Often used in rebuild operations and for cleaning up cast iron, stamped or drawn steel parts, or removing heavy RP coatings.

  • Very economical way to remove heavy soils and light rust
  • Low foaming at ambient temperatures, and even lower when used above 120°F (49°C)
  • Can be recycled using XYBEX equipment
  • Contains no solvents, borates, silicates, nitrites, or amines
  • Long bath life
  • Excellent compatibility with magnesium
  • Will prevent flash rusting and provide one-to-two days of in-process corrosion inhibition if not rinsed

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2029 'One Step'

Parts Washing Fluid with Corrosion Inhibitor

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2029 'One Step'

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2029 "One Step" is a highly concentrated cleaner/corrosion inhibitor designed for spray washers and immersion tanks. This product will remove heavy soils and provide two-to-four weeks of indoor corrosion inhibition on steel and cast iron parts.

  • Formulated without silicates or other high pH additives, CLEAN 2029 "One Step" is compatible with ultrafiltration systems and bioremediation
  • An excellent choice for cabinet-style spray washers and can be used for washing steel, stainless, cast iron, titanium, and many aluminum alloys
  • Hard water tolerant, it provides long bath life
  • Environmental approvals are simplified because CLEAN 2029 "One Step" contains no nitrites, barium, phenols, or butyl cellosolve
  • This formula has very low V.O.C. content and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients
  • Low foaming for use in high-pressure spray washers with temperatures above 140°F (60°C)

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2039

Washing Compound for Ultrasonic and Immersion Washers

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2039 is a concentrated, very high performance cleaner made for washing all metals including cast iron and alloy steels. CLEAN 2039 can be used in spray-type and ultrasonic cleaning of light oils. CLEAN 2039 cleans the oil and metal residues off of the parts, while leaving a thin protective film to provide strong corrosion inhibition on ferrous metals. It is a good choice for cleaning cast iron parts.

  • Provides strong corrosion inhibition
  • To extend CLEAN 2039's wash bath life, it is very easy to remove tramp oils by using the XYBEX SCROUNGER™ or SCROUNGER™ JR Oil Skimmers
  • Low foam even in the high-pressure washers


Low-foam Spray Washing Compound


Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2115AL is an aluminum compatible, high-performance, low-foam synthetic washing compound for use in very high-pressure spray washers, de-burring, and water jet cutting. Advanced surfactant technology provides excellent foam control and tramp oil rejection.

  • Compatible with a wide range of materials including aluminum, cast iron, steels, zinc, plastics, and composites
  • Resists foaming even when contaminated with large quantities of soils or coolant. This makes CLEAN 2115AL an excellent choice where rapid buildup of coolant carryover creates a foam problem
  • Many CLEAN 2115AL applications are in the range of 3,000 to 10,000 PSI (20684 to 68947 kPa)
  • Provides short-term corrosion inhibition on cast iron and ferrous alloys
  • Excellent biostability
  • Extremely low carryoff keeps operating costs down
  • Low foam and mist
  • Very low initial odor level
  • Exceptional sump life and great tramp oil rejection

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 3011

Residue-free, Multi-metal Cleaner

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 3011

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 3011 is a concentrated multi-purpose fluid that excels as a liquid parts washing compound or corrosion inhibitor and does not foam even at room temperature in high-pressure spray washers. It will remove light oils and water soluble cutting and grinding fluid residues and leave behind a thin rust inhibiting film for in-process corrosion inhibition of ferrous parts. CLEAN 3011 is also safe for use on aluminum alloy, copper, brass, bronze, and zinc. CLEAN 3011 is an excellent choice in cast iron operations where it can be used for cleaning and rust inhibition with excellent biostability.

  • Silicate, phosphate, and boron free
  • Leaves no powdery residue
  • Low foaming for use in high-pressure spray washers or grinders and has excellent hard water stability
  • Has a moderate pH, excellent anti-corrosion, and does not require rinsing, making it an excellent short-term, in-process corrosion inhibitor
  • CLEAN 3011 maintains its alkalinity and biostability for long periods of time and will tolerate stagnant conditions such as leak test baths and hydrostatic leak testing applications


Washing Compound for Ultrasonic and Immersion Washers

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 9640AL is a super-concentrated water-soluble cleaning fluid for cleaning aluminum alloy, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and other metal parts. With excellent anti-foam and tramp oil rejection characteristics, long-life, CLEAN 9640AL is especially recommended for low- to medium-pressure spray cleaning and is most suitable for single-chamber spray cleaning machines.

  • Low foaming
  • Strong ability to resist oil
  • Use a SCROUNGER™ or a SCROUNGER™ JR to extend the useful life of CLEAN 9640AL
  • Good rust inhibition
  • Excellent biostability
  • Extremely low carryoff for very low total operation costs
  • Very low foam and mist


Washing Compound for Ultrasonic Immersion and Spray Washers

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 9640XT is a concentrated, very high performance cleaner made for washing all ferrous metals including cast iron, alloy steel and other metal parts cleaning, and provide a strong rust –proof function between processes. CLEAN 9640XT can be used in spray-type cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning of light oil. It can clean the oil and metal liquid residue of the parts, and leave a thin layer of protective film which provides the rust-proof of ferrous metal. CLEAN 9640XT has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion. It is a good choice for cleaning cast iron parts.

  • Very good rust prevention, fits to high requirement rust cleaning processes
  • Strong ability to resist oil
  • It is very easy to separate out oil by using SCROUNGER & SCROUNGER JR to extend the service life
  • In the usual heating conditions, CLEAN 9640XT can keep a low foam even in a high pressure washer

Master STAGES™ CLEAN IP 2019s

Silicated Low-foam Cleaner

Master STAGES™ CLEAN IP 2019s

Master STAGES™ CLEAN IP 2019s is a very low-foaming, liquid, cleaning concentrate designed to remove straight oils and coolants from steel, cast iron, and most aluminum parts.

  • An excellent cleaner and very economical to use
  • Compatible with aluminum, cast iron, and steel alloys
  • Rejects oil for easy skimming or centrifuging to extend bath life
  • Nonfoaming at high-pressure in a spray washer and vibratory deburring machines even at room temperature
  • Provides flash corrosion inhibition and up to two weeks of short-term, dry, in-process corrosion inhibition