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Fluid Mixers

Master Fluid Solutions has developed a line of mechanical coolant concentrate mixers to meet the needs of all metalworking shops. These mixers eliminate the traditional fluid mixing methods which often result in poor fluid concentration with subsequent problems of corrosive machine maintenance, fluid rancidity and the final expense of fluid disposal.

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Types of Mixers Part 1 – Featuring Abom79 aka Adam Booth



UNIMIX™ EMC is a high accuracy self-powered proportioning pump made specially for dispensing Master STAGES™ cleaning compounds. Special components resist even high pH powered cleaner formulations.


  • Concentration control
  • Reduces concentrate waste
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and consistent
  • Nonelectrical
  • Adjustable

Mixture Range

  • UNIMIX EMC 1% to 6% (up to 12pH)