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Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2118

Low-foam Spray Washing Compound

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2118 is a high-performance, low-foam spray washing compound for use in very high-pressure spray washers, de-burring, and water jet cutting. Advanced surfactant technology provides excellent foam control, tramp oil rejection, and soil removal while leaving a short-term, anticorrosive film on cast iron or steel parts and washer surfaces.

  • Does not foam even when contaminated with large quantities of soils or coolant. This makes CLEAN 2118 an excellent choice where rapid buildup of coolant carryover creates a foam problem
  • Provides excellent short-term corrosion inhibition on most common ferrous alloys
  • Extremely low carryoff keeps operating costs down
  • Low foam and mist
  • Very low initial odor level
  • Exceptional sump life and great tramp oil rejection