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Master Fluid Solutions press releases cover the latest product announcements, industry developments, and corporate news.

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New 45,000-square-foot facility will play a critical role in reducing supply chain risk, providing more efficient customer service, and supporting economic growth in the region.

TRIM® MicroSol® 465 low-foam semisynthetic, microemulsion coolant is optimized for highvolume cast iron, ferrous, and some aluminum and nonferrous metalworking operations.

TRIM C290 is a high performance, easy to use and maintain metal removal fluid with very high levels of usable lubricity at the point-of-cut.

TRIM MicroSol 685XT provides excellent cooling and mechanical lubricity, along with the machine friendly characteristics you expect from a premium TRIM coolant.

Effective, high-performance spray washing compound provides excellent foam control even at low temperatures keeping operating costs down while maintaining a perfect finish.

Innovative, High-performance cutting and grinding fluid provides next generation cooling, exceptional foam control. machine cleanliness, and corrosion protection.

Proven high-quality, stable emulsion helps manufacturers maximize productivity

Versatile emulsion provides superior lubricity and corrosion protection with low residue for all manufacturers.

Master Fluid Solutions launches TRIM® MicroSol® 642RX to meet the unique and complex needs of the medical manufacturing industry.

Devoting nearly 30 years to Master Fluid Solutions®, Barned will shape the future trajectory of the global company.

Erica Denton brings over a decade of supply chain experience to Master Fluid Solutions®.

Global metalworking fluids manufacturer looks back at pioneering history of conservation and sustainability

World-class metalworking fluids manufacturer and marketer continues expansion in the global market with the broad strategic and international expertise provided by CEO Dean Froney.

Leading metalworking fluids manufacturer continues push for global expansion with a series of executive and board appointments.

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Master Fluid Solutions, the leading metalworking fluid developer and marketer, continues its investment in growth initiatives with the promotion of a results oriented, strategic leader, Anup Hosamani as its Vice President of Finance.

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TRIM® E925 is the ultimate chlorine-free emulsion for high-performance and premium surface finishes. The proprietary formula delivers more lubricity to the point-of-cut. E925 gives exceptional surface finish on difficult-to-machine aerospace titanium and aluminum alloys, exotics, stainless, and high tensile-strength steels.

TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT, an advanced aerospace semisynthetic or microemulsion coolant that meets the most stringent aerospace specifications while protecting and preventing corrosion on sensitive alloys, including aerospace and nuclear materials. MicroSol 590XT is environmentally friendly

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