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MSC Interview with John Treese at IMTS 2022

Ian Sandusky / Practical Machinist Interview at 2022 IMTS

We Look Forward to Seeing You at IMTS

Flex & Friends – Interview with Ahmed Tahir, Global Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, with Master Fluid Solutions®

The Real Cost of Coolant

Aerospace-Approved TRIM® MicroSol® 692XT Metalworking Fluid

Medical-Grade TRIM® MicroSol® 642RX Metalworking Fluid

TRIM® HyperSol™ 888NXT

A Proud History of Master Fluid Soltuions

WEDOLiT VCI Packaging byMaster Fluid Solutions (English)

WEDOLiT Brand Introduction Video

Will your metalworking fluids be ready when you are?

Welcome to Master Fluid Solutions, your partner in operational excellence

A short message from Regional Sales Manager, Louis Diaz

10 Reasons to test TRIM® MicroSol® 455

Three Steps to Extend Your Coolant Life

Preparing your sump for a holiday shut-down

TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT

Tools last longer cutting Inconel® with TRIM® MicroSol® 690XT

Phil Smith Eliminates Tool Breaking Issues with MicroSol® 690XT

Curt Metcalf Solves Reaming Problem with MicroSol® 690XT

Chuck Adams is Machining A Lot of Titanium with MicroSol® 690XT

Chuck Adams Tapping into Fluid Savings with MicroSol® 690XT

Chuck Adams Wants to Convert Whole Shop to MicroSol® 690XT

Bradford Watts, "MicroSol® 690XT Runs at About Half the Concentration..."

Master Fluid Solutions wins Affiliated Distributors' 2011 Industrial Supplier of the Year for Performance Award at the North American Meeting in Las Vegas.

Turn Your Machine Cleaning Downtime Into Uptime With Whamex XT™

Dustin McCallum Speaks About TRIM® VHP® E814

No Rust. One Fluid.

Concentration Control of Cutting and Grinding Fluids by Using a Refractometer

Superior Metalworking with Low-foaming TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT

Machine Talk: A Handy Guide to a Clean Machine

The Effect of hard Water on Coolant Filtration

Centrifugal Removal of Tramp Oil by a High Speed Disc Bowl Centrifuge

XYBEX® System 1000 Centrifuge, Cleaning and Maintenance

XYBEX® System 1000 Operation and Maintenance



Video clip of Clyde A. Sluhan