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Speciality Fluids

Specially suited to your operation:

TRIM® specialty fluids are specifically tailored to unique needs, such as very high-pressure or high-volume applications, or to address specific code or approval requirements.

Whatever your problem or unique requirement, there is always a TRIM solution for you.

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Boron Free - Carbide Grinding Synthetic

TRIM GRIND WCS minimizes cobalt leaching in the grinding of tungsten carbide (WC) and other high cobalt materials. Minimal cobalt leaching means increased piece part integrity, while improving "G RATIOS" and reducing grinding forces. GRIND WCS is specifically designed for the carbide grinding industry; it will also perform very well in grinding ceramics, cermets, and tool steels.

  • PRTR compliant
  • Keeps super-abrasive wheels clean while not attacking super-abrasive wheel bonding systems
  • Carries grinding swarf to the filter, but will release swarf in properly designed settling tanks
  • Is not stripped out by conventional filtration systems
  • Operators like GRIND WCS’s clear working solution for superior visibility while grinding
  • Exceptional sump life and good tramp oil rejection for easy skimming
  • Resists oxidation and varnishing
  • Resists cobalt leaching for improved operator safety, stronger parts, and cleaner machines
  • Very low carryoff equals low fluid makeup costs
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment