Cutting and Grinding Fluids

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Water-soluble fully synthetic passivating agent

WEDOLiT AW 5040 is a water-soluble passivating agent for steel, which is used as an aqueous solution for a short-term corrosion protection. The product contains no oily or fatty substances and is free of sodium nitrite. Furthermore, it contains a copper and brass inhibitor (for the protection of fittings, etc.).

  • Almost foam free
  • While the protecting film remains water soluble, the product is suitable as a short-term corrosion protection of steel (covered storage)
  • Good skin compatibility


Water-miscible, fully synthetic coolant

WEDOLiT CS 8208 is suitable for ultrasonic testing systems. The product is also suitable for the manufacturing of welded steel tubes. It fulfils the requirements regarding lubrication and cleanliness of the tubes and rollers as well as the corrosion protection of the tubes and the system (in a concentration of 5 - 10%). Not suitable for the manufacturing of workpieces made of zinc, aluminum and their alloys.

  • Offers high cooling- and flushing properties with a very good wetting behavior
  • Contributes to a high tool life
  • Very good application stability
  • Almost free of foam
  • Offers a good skin compatibility
  • Due to its thermal stability, the product can be used in almost the whole process chain of welded tubes (forming, welding, calibration, sawing)


Universal cutting oil

WEDOLiT N 52 is a mineral-oil based high-performance lubricant, suitable for all kinds of minimum quantity lubrication systems such as milling, sawing, or thread forming steel, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals*.
Approved by Rattunde & Co as a cutting oil for minimum quantity lubrication.

  • Stable load carrying capacity and a homogenous sliding behavior
  • Very good wetting ability and film formation without adhesion
  • The outstanding cooling and lubrication properties lead to significantly reduced friction and wear and thus contribute to a long tool life
  • Leads to clean surfaces and contributes to achieving dimensional accuracy
  • Economical application
  • Easily removable with organic solvents or alkaline industrial cleaners