Anti Corrosion - Water Miscible Fluids

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Water-soluble fully synthetic passivating agent

WEDOLiT AW 5040 is a water-soluble passivating agent for steel, which is used as an aqueous solution for a short-term corrosion protection. The product contains no oily or fatty substances and is free of sodium nitrite. Furthermore, it contains a copper and brass inhibitor (for the protection of fittings, etc.).

  • Almost foam free
  • While the protecting film remains water soluble, the product is suitable as a short-term corrosion protection of steel (covered storage)
  • Good skin compatibility

WEDOLiT AW 8321 (K 110)

Water-miscible High-performance Fluid

WEDOLiT AW 8321 is universally applicable for parts cleaning and corrosion protection. This mineral oil based product is not only suitable for steel, but also for non-ferrous metals. Utilizing the latest technology, AW 8321 offers the possibility for a boron and formaldehyde free application.

  • The product forms a stable emulsion, regardless of the concentration. Due to the electrolyte and temperature stability, an application in heated baths is possible (recommended temperature 140 - 176°F, (60 - 80°C))
  • Even at high temperatures the product is stable against contaminations (e.g. sodium sulfonates or phosphates)
  • Easily removable with solvents or alkaline industrial cleaners
  • For the corrosion protection it´s important that treated parts are completely dry before packaging. Dependent on the concentration a minimal to slightly noticeable film is formed on the metal surface
  • Very good compatibility with VCI foils
  • Outstanding material compatibility (even at higher concentration)