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Synthetic Stamping Fluid

TRIM<sup>®</sup> HD - 5 gallon pail


TRIM HD is a synthetic stamping fluid for light-to-moderate duty stamping, drawing, and forming and can also be used for general machining and grinding of ferrous materials. It utilizes a proprietary blend of heavy-duty boundary and extreme pressure lubricity agents for improved performance on stainless steel, super alloy, and most soft aluminum.

  • Lubrication package protects machines and extends the life of the die
  • Provides rapid and effective cooling and reduces machining forces through the use of EP additives and boundary lubricants
  • Has superior anti-weld action to control built-up edge and chip welding
  • Compatible with all ferrous and most nonferrous materials
  • Broad range of applications by using different concentrations for different applications
  • Fully compatible with most nonmetallic materials
  • A superior product for low-speed, high-pressure operations such as production band sawing and drilling
  • Will keep your machines clean while leaving a soft, fluid film that protects the bare metal parts of your machine tools

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