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Master STAGES™ Whamex™

Machine Tool Sump and System Cleaner

Master STAGES™ Whamex™ - 5 gallon pail

Master STAGES™ Whamex™

Master STAGES™ Whamex™ is a safe, fast-acting concentrated formula that will save machine cleaning downtime while removing the oily residues, scums, and insoluble soap deposits that reduce coolant life. Whamex is made for cleaning out machine tool sumps and larger systems, coolant supply lines, and coolant recycling equipment. Whamex is compatible with most waste treatment (including ultrafiltration) and will not degrade TRIM metalworking fluids when used as directed.

  • A very specialized formula that draws many years of hands-on experience in machine clean outs
  • Quickly breaks down and lifts off insoluble scum deposits hidden in lines and difficult to reach areas — getting rid of these residues is one of the best ways to extend coolant life in your system
  • Very hard water tolerant allowing it to be effective in raw water or used coolant
  • Environmental approvals are simplified because Whamex contains no nitrites, phosphates, barium, phenols, or butyl cellusolve; this formula has very low V.O.C. content and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients
  • When used as directed below, this product is compatible with TRIM brand semisynthetic and soluble oil coolants, as well as most competitive coolants. Will remove heavy soils from machines without affecting paints, coatings, seals, hoses, or skirting, and it won't leave a slippery residue
  • Short-term corrosion inhibitors prevent flash rusting of machine surfaces and ways

Master STAGES™ Whamex™   
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Turn Your Machine Cleaning Downtime Into Uptime With Whamex XT™

Whamex has an excellent reputation for easy, fast, and productive machine sump and coolant system clean outs. Whamex can be added to machines utilizing emulsion or semisynthetic coolants and will start cleaning the sump while parts are still being cut. However, when used with pure synthetic coolants, Whamex is difficult to use while still cutting parts; it can create a lot of foam. As part of our Master STAGES™ surface treatment product line, we are introducing low-foaming Whamex XT. Production time is now increased for machine sumps filled with synthetic coolants -- parts can be cut while the cleaning process begins! The new Whamex XT cleans just as well as the original. In this side-by-side drip demonstration, on the left is the original Whamex. On the right, is the new Whamex XT. Both are cleaning the purple-dyed, typical semisynthetic coolant equally well.

As for foam, even under extreme agitation which is validated by this mixer test, a mixture of the new Whamex XT and a typical synthetic coolant is breaking foam as quickly as the beater is creating it. And when the agitation is stopped, any foam in the new Whamex XT breaks immediately. This demonstrates the low-foaming characteristics of Whamex XT and how machine-cleaning downtime can be turned into uptime!

Contact your Master Fluid Solutions distributor today to start benefiting from the amazing new low-foaming machine-cleaning technology -- Whamex XT! Category: Education Tags: Machine Cleaning low-foaming coolants semisynthetic synthetic emulsion cut cutting surface treatments Maintenance Whamex Whamex XT productive system sump process uptime

2011-07-21, US-English

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