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General-purpose Emulsion, Nonchlorinated, Siloxane Free

TRIM SOL<sup>®</sup> LC sf - 5 gallon pail


TRIM SOL LC sf is a siloxane-free chemical emulsion or soluble oil coolant concentrate designed for light and moderate machining and grinding. This product is designed for a wide variety of metal removal operations on most ferrous metals and many nonferrous metals, such as brass, copper, and aluminum. This product is particularly effective in situations where reactive alloying agents like lead (Pb) are present.

  • For wide range job applications (from tough assignments such as gear hobbing and broaching to lighter duties like turning) TRIM SOL LC sf has proven equally effective
  • Easily adaptable to nonferrous and ferrous metals
  • Stability - TRIM SOL LC sf forms an extremely tight emulsion of fine particle size and can be run for extended periods without pumpouts
  • Machine stays clean with TRIM SOL LC sf's built-in cleaning action - metal chips and dirt will not build up
  • Fluid residue prohibits sticky ways and slides which is a very important consideration in the operation of automatic and numerically controlled machines
  • Coolant residue is easily removed with either water, working solution, or aqueous cleaners
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment

TRIM SOL® LC sf   
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