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TRIM® E860

Low-foam, High-lubricity Emulsion

TRIM<sup>®</sup> E860 - 5 gallon pail

TRIM® E860

TRIM E860 is a high-quality, general purpose emulsion for use on a broad range of ferrous and nonferrous metals, effective in most cutting and grinding operations. The stable and predictable performance of E860 makes it a first choice for precision and consistent parts manufacturing.

  • Very wide application range
  • Good hard water tolerance
  • Keeps machine tools clean
  • Works very well in general machining
  • Very stable formula provides good operational life with consistent performance
  • High tramp oil resistance for easy oil removal and longer coolant life
  • Easily recycled or disposed of using conventional techniques and equipment
  • Good balance of cooling and lubrication providing good tool life and surface finishes
  • Leaves a very light, oily, non-gumming residue to prevent sticky ways, chucks, tool holders, and fixtures
  • Extremely stable fine particle size emulsion allows for reduced carry-off and super-high penetrability to get the fluid to the point of cut

TRIM® E860   
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TRIM® E860 Metalworking Fluid
2022-12-02, US-English

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