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TRIM® C290

Economical Synthetic Fluid for Aluminum Machining

TRIM<sup>®</sup> C290 - 5 gallon pail

TRIM® C290

TRIM C290 is a synthetic metalworking fluid optimized for the chemical, environmental, and machining requirements of general aluminum parts. C290 is a high performance, easy to use and maintain, metal removal fluid with very high levels of usable lubricity at the point-of-cut. C290's unique chemical formula allows great, nonferrous corrosion prevention on most aluminum alloys.

  • Great resistance to corrosion on nonferrous materials including aerospace aluminums 6061, 7075, 2024, 3000
  • Water-clear, low-foaming and -misting, C290 is a joy to work with and manage
  • Provides good results in a wide range of grinding and machining operations
  • Excellent tramp oil rejection
  • Easily removed from parts for easy cleanup before assembly, painting, or plating operations
  • PRTR compliant, no SARA 313 reportable chemistry. Product contains no chlorine, phenol, nitrites, copper, triazine, or silicone
  • Very low carryoff and long sump life results in low operating cost

TRIM® C290   
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