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Master STAGES™ Task2™ GC

Glass Cleaner

Master STAGES™ Task2™ Glass Cleaner - 1 quart spray bottle

Master STAGES™ Task2™ GC

Master STAGES™ Task2™ Glass Cleaner is an industrial strength, water-based cleaning agent that does an outstanding job in the industrial environment for cleaning machine tool glass and other hard surfaces.

  • Use full strength
  • For glass and plexiglas shop cleaning
  • Pratt Whitney Aerospace Approval PMC 1406-41
  • Contains no butyl, caustic, silicate, phosphate, nitrite, phenol, or borate
  • Very low V.O.C. content, and conductivity
  • Environmentally friendly, certified "Readily Biodegradable" by OECD Method 301D (EPA Guideline OPPTS 835.3110)
  • Will not harm TRIM metalworking fluids

Master STAGES™ Task2™ GC   
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2002-03-15, US-English

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