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MISCO Palm Abbe™ Digital Refractometer

Laboratory Precision in the Palm of Your Hand!

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MISCO Palm Abbe™ Digital Refractometer

The new Palm Abbe is a fourth-generation digital handheld refractometer that puts laboratory precision in the palm of your hand. Not just laboratory precision, but laboratory precision for the price of a traditional analog refractometer. It is exactly the kind of bold, cutting-edge technology you would expect from MISCO, the company that pioneered the digital handheld refractometer.

The Palm Abbe refractometer is fast, convenient, and easy to use. Simply place a drop or two of fluid in the titanium well and press a button. The custom-designed microprocessor delivers a nearly instantaneous readout in degrees Brix. Nonlinear temperature compensation is automatic and insures that fluids read between 0°C and 50°C (32°F to 122°F) are measured accurately.

The large LCD display is easily read, even in dim light, and removes the subjectivity associated with interpreting where a boundary line crosses tiny scale divisions. And, it is so easy to use! The user interface consists of two buttons, one to take readings and the other to step through various menu options.

Calibration is automatic and does not require the use of special calibration solutions, or tools. The Palm Abbe refractometer automatically calibrates itself to water and is ready to use in seconds. No more screws to turn and nothing to adjust.

MISCO Palm Abbe™ Digital Refractometer   
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Special thanks to Misco for the use of one of their Palm Abbe™ Digital Refractometers and to Owens Community College for the use of their machine shop. Special thanks to Misco for the use of one of their Palm Abbe Digital Refractometers and to Owens Community College for the use of their machine shop.

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