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Yellow Bellied Sump Suckers
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Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker™

Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker™  application photo

Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker™

The Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker™ will clean virtually any machine tool sump quickly and thoroughly. During the process of cleaning the machine, the sump cleaner also:

  • Removes the coolant, sludge and chips from the sump
  • Filters the sludge and chips from the coolant
  • Returns the filtered coolant to the sump, or transports the coolant to waste treatment for disposal or to a XYBEX Recycling System

The Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker is fast! In a typical example, a cylindrical grinder sump with 120 U.S. gallons (454 liters) of coolant and 700 pounds (318 kilograms) of sludge was completely cleaned, the coolant filtered, and returned to the sump in ten minutes.


  • Capacities from 65 U.S. gallons (246 liters) to 1,000 U.S. gallons (3780 liters)
  • Single or twin compartment configuration
  • Push around, tow around, or truck mounted units available
  • 3.5 ft3 (.095m3) or 5.3 ft3 (.14m3) holding capacity sludge basket
  • Air, 110V single phase, 3-phase electric, or LP gas power sources
  • Complete with hoses and cleaning tools

Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker™   
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Fast-paced program with music and a professional narrator who highlights features and benefits of the entire Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker line. With studio and in-shop pictures. Supported with computer graphics throughout.

1985-03-01, US-English

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2002-03-15, US-English

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