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XYBEX System 1200
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XYBEX® System 1200

XYBEX® System 1200

XYBEX System 1200 is a "dual product" recycling system for plants which must operate using two different coolants, such as one for cutting and one for grinding.


  • For plants operating with two different coolants and total sump capacities not exceeding 5,000 U.S. gallons (18,900 liters)


  • Two 200 (760 liter) gallon dirty coolant holding tanks
  • Two 350 (1325 liter) gallon clean coolant holding tanks
  • Two UNIMIX™ auto proportioning pumps for coolant make up and concentration control
  • Two SCROUNGERoil belt skimmers for removal of free floating, nonemulsified tramp oil
  • High-speed, disc-bowl, liquid-from-liquid centrifuge to clean coolant to less than 0.5% emulsified tramp oil and 2-5 microns of particulate matter
  • Manual or automatic product switching controls
  • Automatic operation

XYBEX® System 1200   
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