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Very High-pressure, High-lubricity Emulsion

TRIM<sup>®</sup> VHP<sup>®</sup> E320 - 5 gallon pail


TRIM VHP E320 is a specialized heavy-duty chemical emulsion (or soluble oil) coolant concentrate. This product is a proven performer in heavy-duty machining, grinding, and some stamping operations. It is particularly effective in creepfeed grinding of steel and super alloys with either conventional or CBN wheels. It will run in very high-pressure situations with little- to no- foam.

  • Compatible with a very wide range of materials, but is particularly effective on high-strength steel and super alloys
  • Low-to-no foam even in very high-pressure operations like creepfeed grinding, Ejector® drilling, and gundrilling or gunreaming
  • Superior cleaning and EP lubrication characteristics to assist in fast, deep cuts with plated CBN wheels in high-production steel grinding and slotting operations
  • Very good anti-weld properties without the use of chlorinated EP additives
  • Keeps machines very clean while leaving a soft fluid film for ease of cleaning and reduced machine maintenance costs
  • Uses standard metalworking recycling and disposal techniques

TRIM® VHP® E320   
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