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Sump Side Coalescer™

Simple to operate, lower-cost coalescer for smaller shops removes tramp oil even with large sumps

Sump Side Coalescer™

Sump Side Coalescer™


  • 15-gallon polypropylene settling tank with lid and clamp
  • includes GFI adapter
  • easily modified for sumps just 3" deep


  • double-diaphragm models available for deep sump applications
  • larger electric pump unit for mounting higher on or further from the sump
  • Scrounger® Jr Oil Skimmer for automatic removal of tramp oil from tank

Specifications and Utilities

  • Process rate: 1 to 2 GPM (4 to 8 LPM)
  • Dimension of tank: 18" w x 23" h (457mm x 584mm)
  • Electric: 110 volt, single phase, 60Hz

Sump Side Coalescer™   
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Machine Talk: A Handy Guide to a Clean Machine

You'll like ";Hank" and "CJ." They may not sound like experts, but they know how to clean machines — inside and out. And while they won't bore you with the process, they don't skip any steps, either. As a result the 2002 edition of Master fluid Solutions' Machine Cleaning video is instructive, slightly irreverent and completely unorthodox. You'd better request your copy — now!

2002-03-15, US-English

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