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Low-oil Semisynthetic

TRIM<sup>®</sup> SC536 - 5 gallon pail


TRIM SC536 is a low-oil, semisynthetic coolant that delivers significant performance improvements over previous generations of metalworking fluids. SC536 is a proprietary formula of specially synthesized oil and synthetic technologies blended to deliver unbeatable performance in a variety of machining and grinding operations. This innovative blend keeps machines clean and provides the longest sump life available.

  • Very low foam and mist
  • Provides excellent corrosion inhibition on all common ferrous alloys
  • Keeps your machines clean while leaving a soft fluid film that protects the bare metal parts of your machine tools - this film is easily washed off with coolant working solution for easy machine cleaning
  • Excellent extreme pressure (EP) lubricity to do many form grinding, drilling, and tapping operations without the need for chlorine or sulfur-based EP additives
  • Extremely low carryoff for very low total operating costs
  • Exceptional sump life and very good tramp oil rejection
  • Very low initial odor level which usually disappears after one-to-two days
  • Minimizes the buildup of sticky residues

TRIM® SC536   
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