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TRIM® MicroSol® 485

Long-life Ferrous Semisynthetic

TRIM<sup>®</sup> MicroSol<sup>®</sup> 485 - 5 gallon pail


TRIM MicroSol 485 is a long life semisynthetic, microemulsion coolant designed for ferrous metalworking operations and optimized for difficult working environments associated with cast iron. MicroSol 485 prevents leaching of elemental iron and thus eliminates clinkering and oxidation of ferrous micro fines. Formula delivers extended sump life versus previous generation semisynthetics. It provides excellent cooling along with the machine-friendly characteristics you expect from TRIM coolants. MicroSol 485 is value-priced and specifically designed for use on ferrous metals.

  • The most cost conscience MicroSol offering
  • Dramatically extends useful life without the need for tank-side biocides or fungicides
  • Provides superior corrosion inhibition on cast iron and eliminates "hot chip" and clinkering problems
  • Keeps machines very clean while leaving a soft fluid film for ease of cleaning and reduced maintenance
  • Uses standard metalworking recycling and disposal techniques

TRIM® MicroSol® 485   
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