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Synthetic Misting Fluid

TRIM<sup>®</sup> MIST - 5 gallon pail


TRIM MIST is a surface active synthetic coolant concentrate for spray mist operations. It is a clear and virtually odorless fluid that controls the overspray that is common with standard cutting and grinding fluids. It works well in cutting/grinding operations or where spray mists are used on boring mills and high-speed face milling.

  • Provides rapid and effective cooling
  • Keeps grinding wheels clean and free of loading
  • Has superior anti-weld action to control built-up edge and chip welding
  • Compatible with all ferrous and most nonferrous materials
  • Compatible with most nonmetallic materials
  • Has very low odor and is pleasant to work with
  • Contains no oil to leave slippery films on the work piece, the machine, or in the surrounding area
  • Has a very low initial odor level which usually disappears after using for one-to-two days
  • Will keep your machines clean while leaving a soft fluid film that protects the bare metal parts of your machine tools
  • Has exceptional sump life and very good tramp oil rejection

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