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Master Coalescer II™

The ultimate coalescing unit for use with large sumps and/or a large number of machine tools

Master Coalescer II™  application photo

Master Coalescer II™


  • cast iron self-priming pump
  • double-diaphragm air pump with pre-pump strainer
  • 264 square feet of removable oleophylic media for maximum oil removal
  • includes casters for mobility
  • push handle and hose/bucket hangers
  • includes tank drain valve for cleaning
  • adjustable oil removal weir pipe
  • lid on tank


  • larger and/or stainless steel tanks
  • 110 volt, 50 Hz or 220 volt, 50 Hz operation
  • special units for parts washers

Specifications and Utilities

  • Process Rate: 1 to 3 GPM (4 to 12 LPM)
  • Dimension: 41" l x 19" w x 43" h (1041 mm x 483 mm x 1092 mm)
  • Electric: 110 volt, single phase, 60 HZ
  • Air: 30 psi/min., 100 psi max

Master Coalescer II™   
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2002-03-15, US-English

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