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Non-butyl Floor and Multi-purpose Cleaner

Master STAGES™ CLEAN F2 - 5 gallon pail


Master STAGES™ CLEAN F2™ is a super concentrate that does an outstanding job in floor cleaning and other multi-purpose uses. In addition to its primary job in automatic floor scrubbers, it is often used for general-purpose cleaning, mop bucket cleaning, and parts washing in room temperature wash tanks. The mild pH of this product means it is compatible with most waste treatment (including ultrafiltration) and it will not degrade TRIM metalworking fluids with which it may come into incidental contact.

  • With a mild pH and low conductivity, CLEAN F2 will not cause splitting of TRIM coolants
  • Formulated without silicates or other high pH additives, CLEAN F2 is compatible with ultrafiltration systems and bioremediation
  • CLEAN F2 has been proven nonirritating to skin at 20% concentration
  • Excellent choice for use in spray bottles up to 20%
  • Use for general cleaning tasks and to remove soils from parts and tools
  • Operators like CLEAN F2's mild, pleasant citrus scent
  • Environmental approvals are simplified because CLEAN F2 contains no nitrites, barium, phenols, or butyl cellusolve; and has very low V.O.C. content and no SARA 313 reportable ingredients
  • Effective mop bucket cleaner
  • Use in floor scrubber machines
  • Will remove heavy soils from floors without lifting off floor paints, coatings, or leaving a slippery residue; suitable for concrete, painted, tile, or linoleum floors

Master STAGES™ CLEAN F2™   
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