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Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2020

Washing Compound for Ultrasonic and Immersion Washers

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2020 - 5 gallon pail

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2020

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2020 is a concentrate very high-performance cleaner made for washing all metals including brass, copper alloy, and aluminum in ultrasonic or immersion washers. Its cleaning ability is extraordinary, which often leads to shorter cleaning cycles or elimination of cleaning steps. CLEAN 2020's oil rejecting properties mean longer bath life and economical operation.

  • Excellent cleaning in immersion and ultrasonic tanks
  • Long life because oils split rapidly to the surface of your cleaner tank where they can be skimmed off
  • An excellent choice where one product is used for multiple purposes; such as washing mixed batches of ferrous, aluminum, and copper alloy parts
  • Will provide extended in-process tarnish resistance on copper and copper alloy parts
  • Safe on aluminum, aluminum alloy, and magnesium
  • Will remove coolant residues as well as straight oils

Master STAGES™ CLEAN 2020   
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