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TRIM® C390

High Performance Aerospace Synthetic

TRIM<sup>®</sup> C390 - 5 gallon pail

TRIM® C390

TRIM C390 is a high performance aerospace synthetic coolant customized for the machining of composites for the global aerospace industry. C390 uses a proprietary synthetic lubricant technology to provide the lubricity of soluble oil without the oily residue. This formula is extremely low foaming in all types of environments including chilled systems with a minimum temperature of 60˚F.

  • Optimized combination of cooling and lubricity
  • Superior resistance to corrosion on both nonferrous and ferrous materials
  • Extremely low foaming in chilled environments
  • Meets the most stringent nuclear and aerospace chemical content and machining requirements
  • Provides superior results in a wide range of operations from general grinding to spar milling and turbine blade manufacture
  • Easily removed from parts for easy cleanup before assembly, painting, or plating operations
  • Very low carryoff and long sump life results in low operating cost

TRIM® C390   
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