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TRIM® C380

Premium Ferrous Machining Synthetic

TRIM<sup>®</sup> C380 - 5 gallon pail

TRIM® C380

TRIM C380 is a premium, synthetic, metalworking fluid optimized for high-tech ferrous materials including stainless steel and Inconel® which are widely used in aerospace, medical, and the electronics industries. C380 uses the best of the new ester technology to yield a very-high performance metal removal fluid that is easy-to-use and maintain. The combination of the proven synthetic ester technology and nonhalogenated EP package produce very high levels of usable lubricity at the point of cut. C380 utilizes unique low-foam detergents to keep process soils from redepositing on machines and parts.

  • Ease of maintenance, low carryoff, and long sump life result in low operating cost
  • Clear, low foaming, low odor, and low mist create a clean manufacturing environment
  • High performance in a wide range of operations from general grinding to heavy-duty machining
  • Superior resistance to corrosion on ferrous materials including; titanium, Inconel, and high strength alloy steels
  • Easily removed from parts before assembly, painting, or plating operations
  • Product readily rejects process oils such as hydraulic and way oils
  • Excellent surface finish in finish-grinding operations
  • PRTR compliant

TRIM® C380   
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