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WEDOLiT FN 4170-35
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WEDOLiT FN 4170-35

Chlorinated stamping oil

WEDOLiT FN 4170-35

WEDOLiT FN 4170-35 is a low viscous, water-insoluble chlorinated lubricant for heavy forming operations of steel and stainless steel. A combination of EP additives offers an outstanding performance for precision cutting operations. The undiluted product is usually applied by spraying, dipping, brushes or by means of rollers.

  • Stable load carrying capacity and a homogenous sliding behaviour
  • Reduces friction and wear and thus contributes to a high tool life
  • Outstanding wetting ability and film formation without adhesion
  • Stable cold start behaviour, prevents stick-slip and chatter
  • Leads to clean surfaces and contributes to achieving dimensional accuracy
  • Easily removable with organic solvents or alkaline industrial cleaners

WEDOLiT FN 4170-35   
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