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Tapping Compounds

Added machinability:

With strong friction-reducing properties, TRIM® TAP synthetic and synthetic blend straight oils are made for metals of low machinability. For added lubricity on extremely tough jobs, TAP oils ensure longer tool life, excellent surface finish, and parts size control.

All TAP products are compatible with all TRIM coolants.

Don't get tapped out — put TRIM TAP fluids to work for you.

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Nonchlorinated Tapping Fluid

TRIM<sup>®</sup> TAP NC

TRIM TAP NC is a blend of synthetic and vegetable-based lubricants and additives with strong friction reducing properties. Use for metals with low machinability at full strength for flooding applications involving broaching, sawing, milling, tapping, threading, gear cutting, shaving, gundrilling, and reaming.

  • Especially for taps up to 25mm diameter
  • Promotes excellent finish
  • Ensures parts size control
  • Delivers exceptionally long tool life
  • Reduces rubbing of the tool flank
  • Compatible with most TRIM fluids
  • Use for added lubricity on extremely tough jobs