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WEDOLiT FW 6550-165
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WEDOLiT FW 6550-165

Stamping and Forming Medium

WEDOLiT FW 6550-165

WEDOLiT FW 6550-165 is a synthetic, mineral oil and chlorine-free, highly additivated punching and forming medium. The EP additives ensure a pressure-resistant lubricating film, even in difficult machining processes.

  • Suitable for deep-drawing, extrusion, punching and cutting processes not only on steels, but also on stainless steels
  • Undiluted by brush or felt roller and can be easily washed off with water
  • Does not contain any insoluble pigments such as graphite or molybdenum disulfide

WEDOLiT FW 6550-165   
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