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WEDOLiT AW 8321 (K 110)

Water-miscible High-performance Fluid

WEDOLiT AW 8321 (K 110)

WEDOLiT AW 8321 is universally applicable for parts cleaning and corrosion protection. This mineral oil based product is not only suitable for steel, but also for non-ferrous metals. Utilising the latest technology, AW 8321 offers the possibility for a boron and formaldehyde free application.

  • The product forms a stable emulsion, regardless of the concentration. Due to the electrolyte and temperature stability, an application in heated baths is possible (recommended temperature 60 - 80°C)
  • Even at high temperatures the product is stable against contaminations (e.g. sodium sulfonates or phosphates)
  • Easily removable with solvents or alkaline industrial cleaners
  • For the corrosion protection it´s important that treated parts are completely dry before packaging. Dependent on the concentration a minimal to slightly noticeable film is formed on the metal surface
  • Very good compatibility with VCI foils
  • Outstanding material compatibility (even at higher concentration)

WEDOLiT AW 8321 (K 110)   
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