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VDA Approved
Number of products: 1
Application: VDA Approved
Metal: steels [P]

WEDOLiT N 22-3

Prelube for deep drawing and stamping

WEDLiT N 22-3 is a thixotropic, non water soluble, deep drawing agent, which was developed for cold forming of coated carbon steels. It is especially applicable for electro galvanised zinc-, zinc nickel coated- and aluminised-sheets. Also good for aluminium and aluminium alloys. The product can be applied by spraying, flooding or rolling.

Fulfils the requirements of all German automotive manufacturers according to VDA-213 and VW-A001, and has been approved by all VDA members.

  • Applications at ambient temperatures possible
  • A preheating of the oil to approximately 40 - 50°C is possible without the loss of the thixotropic effect after cooling
  • Acts at the same time as a corrosion protection agent, and therefore a post treatment of the drawn sheets is not necessary
  • An agent stable film is formed after drawing
  • Can be removed with organic solvents or water soluble, mild alkaline industrial cleaning agents, even after long storage periods
  • After grease removal, excellent phosphating is possible