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Company Background

Last year, Master Fluid Solutions acquired another company based in Germany, what is the latest on this?

During October 2019, Master Fluid Solutions acquired ‘Wilhelm Dietz GmbH & Co. KG’ based in Dusseldorf, Germany. The company was founded over 80 years ago and manufactured pre-lubes, cooling lubricants, cold forming products, corrosion protection products and pipe and tube expander oils, under the brand of WEDOLiT.

In November, the Dusseldorf location became the new European Headquarters and work began to align the existing company and employees with Master Fluid Solutions’ global structure and operations.

At the end of 2019/ start of 2020, the Wilhelm Dietz business was dissolved and the new company of ‘Master Fluid Solutions WDG GmbH’ was officially formed.

The acquisition has provided Master Fluid Solutions with manufacturing facilities within Europe, which has always been a company goal.

In the long-term our customers will experience many benefits including:

  • Expanded complementary product lines of cutting fluids, corrosion protection, cleaners and specialty products
  • Broader branded portfolio of TRIM®, WEDOLiT™, CoolPAK™, Master STAGES™, ONYX™ and XYBEX®
  • Mainland European manufacturing improves supply and logistics for the broader EU market
  • Improved logistics with centralised location in mainland Europe

Products and Applications

Why do I need a dewatering fluid if I am using a corrosion inhibitor?

Dewatering fluids remove water from a part and provide a short, few day, rust inhibitor. Rust inhibitors usually last months to years. Rust inhibitors without a dewatering effect can trap water against the part creating a potential corrosion issue. By removing the water first, you eliminate this issue. Dewatering fluids also split the water quickly once it has removed it. Rust inhibitors may be miscible in water therefore becoming less effective.

What is the advantage of WEDOLiT dewatering fluids?

After machining, parts are often temporarily stored before processing them. In order to avoid water that remains on the surfaces (risk of corrosion), a dewatering operation is necessary. The better the dewatering effect, the lower the corrosion protection. Most competitor pure dewatering fluids do not offer any corrosion protection. Therefore a 2-tank-system is necessary (1st dewatering, 2nd corrosion protection). Since WEDOLiT dewatering products offer short-term corrosion protection, two-tank systems can be replaced by a single-tank system. WEDOLiT dewatering fluids also remove the water faster than the competition and split it from the solvent completely thereby increasing the useful bath life.

I use VCI foils, why do I need a corrosion protection product?

There are two cases where a VCI foil fails to protect the parts:

  • The parts were packed before they were sufficiently dry
  • The VCI foil gets damaged during transport
To provide the greatest protection use a WEDOLiT dewatering fluid and/or corrosion inhibitor in conjunction with VCI packaging.

Some rust inhibitors are listed as days of protection in a humidity chamber, some are listed as cycles. Can I convert between the two?

There is a simple conversion between the two, 1 cycle is equivalent to a minimum 3 days indoor storage.

What ASTM/ DIN tests do we use for our products?

DIN EN ISO 6270-2 AHT (humidity chamber test)
DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS (salt spray test)
Dewatering effect and phase separation are WEDOLiT internal tests.

What is the shelf life?

WEDOLiT brand corrosion inhibitors have a 2-year shelf life. As with any Master Fluid Solutions products, any product beyond the shelf life can be tested in one of our labs to determine if it still meets our rigid standards for quality.

Are any of the corrosion inhibitors food grade?

No. Most metals used in the food processing industry are corrosion resistant and the need for corrosion inhibitors is rare.

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