Metal cutting generates an incredible amount of friction and heat, so metalworkers typically needed products to cool their tools and workpieces. As cutting tools machined through workpieces, the high levels of friction led to tool wear and poor surface finishes. It wasn’t long until metalworkers realized they would need a lubricant as well as a coolant to extend tool life. 

During the second industrial revolution, manufacturers mitigated tool wear by using petroleum-based straight oils for lubrication, but limited cooling ability and high usage was a trade-off. Later on, the first modern cutting fluid was created by combining water and lubricating chemistry with emulsifiers to help them fully mix into solution. 

Over time, technology for these fluids led to the creation of specialized categories, such as straight oils, full synthetics (which contain no oils), oil containing emulsions, and fluids optimized for specific operations. Still, most of these fluids were limited in either lubricity or cooling ability. 

The Next Generation of Cutting Fluid

When Master Fluid Solutions launched TRIM® Hypersol™ 888 NXT in 2020, they didn’t just create a new product — they created a new neo-synthetic fluid category. Synthetics, semi-synthetics, soluble oils, and microemulsions are recognized for their relative strengths or weaknesses in terms of cooling ability or ability to lubricate. With neo-synthetic HyperSol, there’s no trade-off. 

This single product provides better lubrication and cooling ability than many other types of cutting fluids in difficult to machine materials. In fact, HyperSol was designed for the aerospace and medical industries and materials, but it’s proven to be versatile enough for all operations. Even as it handles difficult-to-machine metals and alloys like titanium and Inconel®, its superior lubricity and low carryoff makes it ideal for other materials as well.

Long Live Tool Life

For decades, manufacturers were forced to choose between speed and quality. Using a fluid that emphasized cooling allowed them to run their machines at faster speeds, but tool life and workpiece quality suffered. Products featuring higher lubricity protected tools from wear and ensured higher part quality and surface finishes at the expense of productivity. 

In the same way HyperSol combines cooling and lubricity, HyperSol users can combine speed and part quality without compromise. For instance, an aerospace parts manufacturer transitioned to HyperSol and then increased their tool life by 234 percent. Similarly, a precision manufacturer tripled their tool life from producing 50 to 150 parts per edge, all with HyperSol. 

The Future of Eco-Friendly Fluids

HyperSol isn’t simply the first in a new category of neo-synthetic cutting fluids. It’s also 54 percent biobased, providing superior performance with plant-based, environmentally friendly ingredients. Created with patented technology, the cutting fluid is designated as a BioPreferred product by the US Department of Agriculture

In addition to minimizing petroleum use in manufacturing, HyperSol improves other sustainability metrics, such as reducing fluid waste, and can perform at lower make-up concentrations than traditional coolants. Take the precision stamping die manufacturer, who also reduced coolant consumption by half with HyperSol. This means less cutting fluid is disposed of, reducing risk of environmental contamination. There’s also less material waste, since cutting tools last noticeably longer.

TRIM® Hypersol™ 888 NXT is a game-changer in metalworking, drastically extending tool life as manufacturers increase throughput and reduce concentration. For more information about the product and how it can impact your tool life, throughput, and coolant spend, call +1 800-537-3365 or email us at [email protected].