When Master Fluid Solutions released TRIM® HyperSol™ 888NXT in summer 2020, it marked a new chapter for the company: The mineral oil-free, biobased cutting fluid was designed as an environmentally safe solution for machining hard aerospace metals like Inconel®, titanium, and stainless steel. 

With superior performance and versatility, the innovation quickly gained wide application across industries. By the fall, HyperSol was certified by the USDA as 54 percent biobased and inducted into their BioPreferred Program.

Why Biobased?

Biobased cutting fluids are made largely from plant-based materials, mitigating the use of petroleum and other nonrenewable resources. As a result, their manufacturing and use significantly lowers or eliminates greenhouse gases, helping companies and industries reach carbon emissions goals. Overall, the products are less toxic to people and the planet, posing less of a hazard to machine operators and the environment when properly disposed of. Biobased products are more biodegradable too. 

It’s not uncommon for people to misconceive eco-friendly products as less effective than their conventional counterparts. But as a category, biobased coolants can perform better in certain applications. For example, Hypersol 888NXT has shown excellent results in difficult to machine alloys.

HyperSol 888NXT: The Next Evolution of Biobased Coolants

Master Fluid Solutions’ HyperSol isn’t simply a new biobased cutting fluid — it presents a cutting-edge paradigm for what cutting fluids can accomplish. Carefully formulated over several years by some of the leading engineers in the industry, HyperSol has executed numerous characteristics never achieved before, pushing the limits of other biobased and conventional fluids.

A New Category of Cutting Fluids

Traditionally, there are five categories of cutting fluids metalworkers can choose from: straight oils, emulsions, micro-emulsions, synthetics, and more recently, semi-synthetics. However, the traits of HyperSol transcend these labels, effectively creating a new category of fluid: neo-synthetic. 

High Cooling and Lubricity Without Compromise

One of the biggest factors in determining HyperSol’s new category designation was its unparalleled lubricity and cooling ability while being mineral oil-free. Cutting fluids are usually better suited for one or the other. However, HyperSol performed at a higher level for both — and this achievement has never been seen in a single solution until now. 

Advanced Enough for Aerospace, Versatile Enough for Everything

Over the years, as Master Fluid Solutions engineers worked to develop HyperSol, they kept the needs of shops machining difficult materials in mind. That’s why the formula was created for high performance and compatibility with the metals most often used in the aerospace and medical industry.

Today the fluid can be applied to almost any industry that requires a fluid capable of high pressure, performance improvements, and an improved environmental profile. This applies to most other industries including the energy sector, high production facilities, and automotive manufacturing.  

Reduces Fluid and Cutting Tool Spend

HyperSol produces even less foam than other biobased cutting fluids and features a reduced carry-off profile. This optimizes the amount of coolant that remains in the sump, greatly reducing consumption. 

Combined with HyperSol’s long sump life, the product can drastically lower waste and coolant spend. 

HyperSol’s superior lubricity also extends tool life significantly more than other biobased fluids. A high-precision, Tier 1 aerospace parts manufacturer actually increased tool life by 234 percent, even after running their machines faster to increase throughput. 

Biobased cutting fluids are the future of metalworking. As consumers and industry leaders become more concerned with mitigating climate change, every chemical used in manufacturing will have to contribute to that initiative. 

Biobased cutting fluids have an impressive track record of outperforming conventional counterparts — and HyperSol has taken the strengths of this new category even further. 

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