In the aftermath of an unprecedented decline during the pandemic, there’s positivity for the aerospace manufacturing sector. It’s in full recovery mode, boasting a record-breaking backlog of new orders to fill. However, amid this resurgence, a shadow of concern looms: Recovery has been marred by numerous quality assurance issues, undermining profits, consumer trust, and the overall outlook of the industry. 

In the midst of ongoing disruptions in the industrial sector over the past few years, manufacturers must take extra steps to maintain the quality and safety of their products if they want to recover from the pandemic. Here’s a look at the different challenges facing quality assurance efforts and what manufacturers can do to overcome them. 

1. Employee Turn-Over

During the pandemic, the widespread shutdowns and a sharp decline in demand that disrupted the manufacturing sector led to significant layoffs as companies struggled to maintain operations. As a result, a mass exodus of skilled workers created a major “brain drain” in the industry and severely undermined capacity. Now, even with a rebound on the horizon, there aren’t enough workers available to help manufacturers overcome their backlog. 

The Master Solution: The solution is relatively straightforward but requires more upfront investment in new equipment and better training. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and automation into processes will streamline production and reduce reliance on manual labor, mitigating the impact of the labor shortage. Comprehensive training programs can rapidly upskill new employees just entering the workforce. This will enable them to become proficient in the next generation of machinery manufacturers need to invest in, fostering a more adaptable and technologically adept workforce for the long term while helping immediate recovery efforts. 

2. Complete Overwhelm

Now that a rebound is underway, industry leaders are under immense pressure to generate revenue and recover company profits as quickly as possible. In the resulting panic, companies may need to pay more attention to crucial investments in hiring, training, and process updates, resulting in the surge of potential quality assurance breakdowns that have undermined recovery.

The Master Solution: Manufacturers are at a pivotal crossroads in the industry, where planning and strategic execution are more important than speed. Leaders must take the time to carefully reassess and restructure their quality assurance processes, resource allocation, and other facets of production to avoid the headline-making mistakes we’ve seen over the past year. This strategic pause and reevaluation are crucial for maintaining product quality and avoiding the costly setbacks associated with reworking defective products.

3. Cost Cutting

After the revenue loss over the last few years, management may be tempted to control costs on all areas of the business including production materials. While this upfront saving might seem beneficial, adopting this short-term cost-saving strategy could compromise the durability and reliability of products, leading to maintenance costs in the long run, as products may require more frequent repairs or replacements. 

The Master Solution: Invest more upfront for higher quality materials and supplies to generate long-term savings. In fact, one precision aerospace parts manufacturer reduced their annual cutting fluid spending in half by upgrading to the higher quality TRIM® MicroSol® 590XT, saving over $500,00 in the course of a year. Smart investments might take longer to recover profits than company boards and C-suite executives might like, but they’re critical for achieving sustainable financial savings, maintaining product standards, and protecting brand reputation. 

Stopping Quality Assurance Issues at the Source

Financial recovery is well within reach for manufacturers that have weathered the storm of the pandemic but requires careful investment in quality assurance to avoid losses from reworking or damaged reputation. Manufacturers can stop quality assurance problems at the source simply by upgrading to more effective supplies, including TRIM® cutting fluids from Master Fluid Solutions

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