The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is one of the largest industry trade shows in the world, bringing together manufacturing professionals from across the globe in Chicago, Illinois. The semi-annual event draws more than 100,000 attendees to McCormick Place to see the latest innovations in traditional and digital manufacturing techniques. Each show is jam-packed to showcase more than 15,000 new machining technologies, giving decision makers in every sector of the industry a chance to experience the latest advancements in their field. The event is so big it only happens every two years, giving vendors ample time to prepare.

Unfortunately, the 2020 show was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so this is the first IMTS event held in four years. Amid all of the chaos surrounding the supply chain, inflation, labor shortages, and the skill gap, it’s more important than ever for the community to come together, celebrate that we’re still here, and collaborate on ways to move forward.

New Technology for a New Normal

Master Fluid Solutions celebrated our own 70th anniversary in 2021 and we are eager to show what we’ve been creating in the last four years.

Building a Global Catalog With WEDOLiT

In 2019, Master Fluid Solutions acquired Wilhelm Dietz GmbH, adding their groundbreaking WEDOLiT line of forming fluids and corrosion inhibitors to our metalworking fluids catalog. For more than 80 years, WEDOLiT has enjoyed the same reputation of innovation and quality in the European market as TRIM® has in North America. With our combined expertise in research and  development, Master Fluid Solutions will drive new levels of innovation for the metalworking sector while creating even more value for our customers.

Our First BioPreferred Neo-Synthetic Cutting Fluid

In 2020, we premiered our first neo-synthetic cutting fluid, TRIM® HyperSol™ 888NXT, our most eco-friendly formula to date, composed of 54% biobased ingredients. That same year, HyperSol 888NXT was officially recognized as an environmentally friendly coolant and incorporated into the USDA’s esteemed BioPreferred catalog. As manufacturers face increasing pressure to green their operations, we are continuing our investment in creating high-performance, eco-friendly products for our customers.

Leading Metalworking Fluid Into Additive Manufacturing

As minimizing waste becomes more important and 3D printing technology continues to advance, our company envisions a future of subtractive and additive manufacturing working side by side to produce advanced, high-quality parts for aerospace, automotive, and beyond. In 2021, we became the first metalworking fluids supplier to join the America Makes network, dedicated to improving additive manufacturing technology. Already, our TRIM® C390, TRIM® MicroSol® 692XT, and new HyperSol fluids are proven exceptionally compatible with composite materials used in 3D printing. We are working on additional products for mixed operations in the future.

Creating a Competitive Edge for Medical Manufacturers

During the pandemic, many manufacturers pivoted to aid the medical community in their time of need but faced many challenges with the lack of medical-grade cutting fluid. To meet the stringent requirements medical part manufacturers must adhere to, Master Fluid Solutions released its first medical-grade cutting fluid. TRIM® MicroSol® 642RX for companies to uphold the highest standards of quality for the medical manufacturing industry.

Coming Back Together as One Industry

Four years in the making, the 2022 edition of IMTS will be one of the biggest in its history, and just what the manufacturing industry needs to successfully reorient in these challenging times. The expo will be held September 12-17, 2022 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. You can find our booth in the West Building, Level 3 — 431956, in the Tooling & Workholding Systems section. We will release more information about our showcase and private party closer to the event.

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