Cutting fluid is a true workhorse in every metalworking facility, but it’s often overlooked. When properly selected and well maintained, the right coolant helps make machining more precise, increases throughput, improves part quality, and generally makes the shop run as efficiently as possible. But poorly managed coolant can cause major issues. Coolant is one of the only products in a facility that affects tooling, machines, operators, parts, productivity and also impacts maintenance.

For machine operators, poorly managed coolant will lower their productivity, negatively affecting cutting tools, surface finish, and the work environment. Managers see operating costs rise quickly from more frequent cutting tool replacement, excessive fluid carry-off, and lost productivity. Bacteria and odor issues will also have a negative effect on air quality.

Practicing effective cutting fluid management is important for any facility and using the right equipment can make that simple. 

How Equipment Makes Coolant Management Easier

Master Fluid Solutions developed the first coolant recycling system in the 1970s, and now it’s a mainstream practice. Along with recycling, there are many more categories of fluid management equipment designed to help purify cutting fluid of contaminants. Here’s how to use some of them to make coolant maintenance easier:

1. Cecor® Sump Shark® Sump Cleaners

Cecor® Sump Shark® sump cleaners are industrial high-powered vacuums designed to quickly and efficiently remove fluids and chips from coolant tanks. They eliminate time spent on manual cleaning and shoveling with an easy process as simple as vacuuming up a spill. Sump suckers like the Sump Shark are great for thoroughly and efficiently emptying coolant tanks for a thorough cleaning of the sump and machinery, and also work as filtration devices. Depending on the model, Sump Sharks are offered in a variety of tank sizes and electric, pneumatic, and propane models. They will save countless hours on your machine cleaning and downtime, boosting productivity.

2. SmartSkim® Tramp Oil Removal Systems

Tramp oil causes many issues with coolant such as reducing its sump life, causing smoke and residues, and facilitating bacterial growth. As the name implies, SmartSkim® suction skimmers,coalescers, and oil/water separators such as the Coolant Loop or Sump Caddy can automatically filter fines, remove tramp oil from coolant tanks, and adjust for varying tank fluid levels to filter oil and other debris out of the coolant. Best of all, Smart Skim systems operate with minimal maintenance, allowing operators to turn it on and let it work in the background without interfering with production. This drastically improves coolant sump life and reduces the need for machine downtime.

3. Centrifuges for Total Purification

In some cases of high or extended tramp oil contamination, the oil can become emulsified with the coolant and extremely difficult to remove. In these cases, the only option may be a high-speed centrifuge, which separates oil and fines from the coolant. Not only do centrifuges improve coolant health by reducing contamination, but they can also reduce waste and disposal through coolant recycling.

4. Coolant Mixer for Accurate Concentration Control

For proper coolant management, one of the most important steps is accurate concentration control – it needs to be maintained within the manufacturer’s recommended ranges. Using a coolant proportioner such as a Hydroblend® can make concentration management easy. These water-powered mixers give machine shops many options on designing a coolant makeup system for easy and accurate machine filling.

5. XYBEX® for Coolant Recycling

The XYBEX® coolant recycling systems put coolant conservation on the map. Decades later, Master Fluid Solutions has expanded and refined their offering of coolant management equipment under the Xybex umbrella. Now, the latest XYBEX portfolio of products and Smart Skim Coolant Loop coolant recycling systems combine all the best aspects of filtration and tramp oil removal to offer the most comprehensive coolant recycling available. Best of all, these systems are almost fully automated, so shops can maintain pristine coolant while minimizing waste and environmental impact. 

Coolant management is more important than ever to anchor supply costs and navigate this challenging landscape. Investing in equipment to help the process will quickly pay for itself, and create even more dividends as time goes on. To learn more about coolant management, call +1 800-537-3365 or email us at [email protected].