When founder Clyde A. Sluhan formed Master Fluid Solutions in 1951, he did so with the mission to completely transform the metalworking fluid industry. Up until that time, coolants had been limited to hazardous straight cutting oils with high usage and mist, creating unpleasant working environments. Knowing the impact a well-formulated fluid could have on a manufacturing operation, Sluhan set out to fulfill the unmet needs of the industry.

It took more than 3,528 separate formulations to get the first TRIM® cutting fluid right. Once perfected, he and his wife Marian officially launched their company and took the coolant to market. Now, more than 70 years later, TRIM products remain at the forefront of the industry  with the most advanced line of cutting fluids available. The growing line of products have been responsible for some of the biggest operational improvements in nearly every industry. Here are four of the biggest breakthroughs TRIM has enabled for our customers:

1. Improved Productivity

By reducing friction and heat directly at the point of the cut, TRIM coolants can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to machine each part. Even trimming a few seconds off of the time of each cut can save many hours in a high volume operation.

One customer, a precision parts manufacturer based in Silicon Valley, was previously only able to produce 16 to 18 parts per hour. By switching to TRIM® HyperSol™ 888NXT, the shop more than doubled their output to 36 to 40 parts each hour. What’s more, they accomplished this increase in productivity with an even lower concentration of cutting fluid than their previous coolant.

2. Longer Fluid Life

One of TRIM’s best-known benefits is low usage and its incredibly long sump life. All products in the line are formulated to reject tramp oil, resist bacteria and have excellent hard water stability. All of these characteristics significantly reduce a customers’ coolant spend.

In a documented case study, an aeronautics and aviation equipment manufacturer upgraded their primary cutting fluid to TRIM® MicroSol® 585XT, an advanced semisynthetic coolant that reduced foam formation and overall fluid consumption. Thanks to these capabilities, the new cutting fluid achieved an average sump life of more than two years.

3. Reduced Material Costs

Longer sump life typically leads to lower spend on fluid. Customers can get by with less coolant each year, resulting in lower operating costs, reduced waste, and a reduced impact on the environment. An automotive drivetrain manufacturer that became a Master Fluid Solutions customer lost a significant amount of fluid each year to foam contamination and carryoff. After switching to TRIM® SC620, coolant usage was reduced so much that they were able to cut their coolant spending by 48%, from $386,000 per year to just $200,000. 

4. Extended Tool Life

One of the largest consumable costs for any machining operation is cutting tools. Cutting fluid protects tools just as much as the workpieces, and TRIM is known to dramatically extend their life. With proper coolant, material removal rate can be optimized, allowing cutting tools to run at peak efficiency, improving productivity, and reducing cutting tool spend.

An aerospace parts manufacturer conducted a trial of TRIM® HyperSol™ 888NXT on two of their CNC lathes. The advanced, eco-friendly cutting fluid was so much more effective than their previous fluid that it extended tool life by an astonishing 234%, even while machines ran at a higher speed. This contributed to a total annual savings of nearly $70,000.

70 years after the first TRIM cutting fluid was introduced to the industry, these products provide some of the most significant benefits in manufacturing. To learn more about how our leading-edge cutting fluids can benefit your operation, call +1 800-537-3365 or email us at [email protected].