Inconel®, titanium, and nickel alloys — which are commonly used in aerospace manufacturing — are some of most difficult metals to machine in the world. What’s more, the strict industry approvals required for these materials pose a challenge too, limiting the coolants that can be used. 

The result? Cutting fluids that sacrifice effectiveness for lower fluid costs. That’s where TRIM® HyperSol™ 888NXT comes in, specifically formulated to overcome these challenges. 

Years of research and development led to the creation of a cutting fluid that maximizes lubricity and cooling ability at the same time. In fact, HyperSol qualifies as a new category of neo-synthetic fluids. And after debuting on the market, the solution obtained coveted manufacturing approvals from companies including Safran Aircraft Engines, Safran Landing Systems and Rolls-Royce. Additional aerospace approvals are in progress. 

Developed to lower operating costs, provide eco-friendly manufacturing, and streamlining production processes, here’s what to know about this cutting-edge neo-synthetic and its impact on aerospace manufacturing: 

A Simplified Production Process

The consistent manufacturing of flawless parts is key in aerospace manufacturing. However, the high tool wear, caused by difficult workpiece materials, makes this difficult to achieve. One solution is the lubricity of HyperSol, which helps tools cut precisely while maintaining a high material removal rate and surface finish quality.

HyperSol is also designed for compatibility with many of the tough metals and alloys used in aerospace manufacturing, which is why it can act as the singular coolant for an aerospace manufacturing facility. This limits the amount of different fluids needed during production.

Lower Consumption Rates

Formulated for the highest level of stability and cleanliness, HyperSol reduces carry-off and controls foam, so coolant concentration remains steady and lowers makeup rates. Over time, this reduces coolant consumption, lowering fluid costs and even waste disposal fees. 

For example, one of our customers — which specializes in high-precision parts for the aerospace industry, reduced their fluid costs by 7.6 percent over one year. Another customer — a global manufacturer in the UK that produces parts for jet engines — lowered their coolant consumption by a staggering 50 percent, translating to $19,756 (€16,367) in savings.  

Longer Tool Life

Inconel®, titanium, and other hard metals and alloys create high tool wear, leading to frequent and costly tool changes. All products in the Master Fluid Solutions TRIM® catalog are designed to extend tool life — but HyperSol’s high lubricity formulation has yielded some of the most impressive results to date.

After switching to HyperSol, one of our aerospace parts manufacturing customers ran their machines faster with lower coolant concentrations and extended their tool life by 234 percent. Another components manufacturer increased tool life by 22 percent as well. 

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

HyperSol 888NXT offers superior lubricity without the use of halogens and being biobased offers an excellent environmental profile.

This greatly reduces environmental toxicity — which is one of the reasons why HyperSol was officially recognized as a USDA Certified Biobased Product, with a biobased content of 54 percent, meaning more than half of the solution is manufactured from renewable resources.

The Future of HyperSol

Since its introduction to the market, HyperSol 888NXT continues to help aerospace manufacturers extend tool life, improve efficiency, and run more sustainable operations. And with its incredible versatility, the high-performance, metalworking fluid can bring aerospace-level innovations and benefits to other manufacturing industries and materials as well.

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