Running a successful metalworking operation takes more than top-of-the-line machinery. It requires great supplier partners, well-trained employees, a clean shop and tools, and the right protocols to keep operations smooth and efficient. The right cutting fluid with proper management is the foundation for this success. Properly managing metalworking fluid will extend tool life, minimize waste, protect workers, and increase profit. 

Here at Master Fluid Solutions, we do far more than simply manufacture and sell industrial metalworking fluids, chemicals, and fluid systems — we serve as a valuable partner. We strive to help customers effectively manage their coolant supply to ultimately get the most out of their equipment and labor force. 

Every partnership with Master Fluid Solutions begins with a site visit by one of our expert representatives. It’s the first step to help take your metalworking operation to the next level.

Here’s what to expect:

Plant Survey

Every customer’s operation is unique, and so are the problems and the challenges it faces. A site visit begins with a thorough tour of your facility. There, Master Fluid Solutions’ experts will receive an overview of your machines and the materials you work with, study the floor and storage layout, observe and speak with operators and management, and assess current coolant management systems. 

They’ll also ask detailed questions to get a better understanding of your challenges and goals, finding ways to improve efficiency and overall performance. Examples might include: 

  • Are you encountering any problems or odors in your machines’ sumps?
  • Are machines and tools exhibiting premature failure or corrosion?
  • Is the air quality acceptable in your facility? 
  • How often are you cleaning your machines, changing coolant, and why?
  • What is your ideal outcome and what are your shortfalls?

Coolant Concentration Checks

During the plant survey, the Master Fluid Solutions expert will measure the coolant concentration of each sump to determine how much fluid is being used. High coolant concentrations may be by accident or design, so the MFS representative will examine the current product your site is using, determine an appropriate concentration, and then provide proper recommendations for improvements. 

High coolant concentration can also be a sign of using a low-quality or improper fluid that doesn’t meet the needs of your operation. TRIM® cutting fluids are specially formulated to operate at lower concentrations and makeup rates with reduced carry off than competitors, reducing the amount of product needed on an annual basis. In turn, this will help reduce fluid spend, disposal costs, and machine downtime, all equating to higher profits.

Fluid and Tool Life Review

How long does your coolant last? What about your cutting tools? These consumables  are vital to any machining operation, but must be replaced periodically. Maximizing tool and fluid life are two of the easiest ways to improve productivity and lower operating costs. 

Master Fluid Solutions’ TRIM® coolants are designed to provide extended sump life. With proper fluid management, you can expect trouble-free operations with a TRIM metalworking fluid. When fluid life is less than desired or expected, you may need to upgrade to a higher quality product — or that better fluid management protocols need to be implemented. A Master Fluid Solutions expert will discuss all this with you at no-charge.

The Master Fluid Solutions expert will assess how often the fluids and sumps are cleaned, your budget, and whether your operation would benefit fluid management equipment, such as a recycling system. Proper fluid management is the key ingredient to long-term success, and our experts are highly  trained to improve fluid management procedures rather than simply  selling products.   

Tool life is also impacted by the quality of the cutting fluid in use. Many tooling manufacturers offer guidelines for tool life expectations. If your tools are replaced more often than that, it’s a sign the wrong coolant might be used or the fluid is improperly managed.

Upgrading to TRIM® fluids can extend tool life beyond a manufacturer’s estimates. In one case study, TRIM® HyperSol™ 888NXT increased tool life for an aerospace manufacturer by 234 percent.

Product Trial

For visits where one of our experts recommends upgrading to a Master Fluid Solutions product, the plant survey will include recommendations for a proper product trial with sump cleaning procedures and data collection.  

In the following weeks and months, our team will check in to see how the new coolant is performing, obtain samples for lab analysis, and continue providing training on better fluid management procedures to improve your operation’s efficiency.

The Master Fluid Solutions Promise

Master Fluid Solutions is dedicated to helping customers reduce cutting fluid costs through higher quality formulations and coolant management training. All of our representatives are experts in the field, backed up by industry-leading lab support located at our manufacturing facility in Ohio. 

We have the resources, support, and expertise of nearly 70 years of innovation in the metalworking fluid industry. Customers will notice the difference with  Master Fluid Solutions  from the very first conversation. 

To schedule a site visit, call +1 800-874-0105‬‬‬ or email us at [email protected].