Since 1951, Master Fluid Solutions has remained dedicated to improving the manufacturing industry through metalworking fluid innovations. After building our company on the integrity of TRIM®, we expanded our offerings to coolant recycling systems and high-quality cleaners. 

We are now proud to supply corrosion protection, cold forming, and tube and pipe manufacturing products to our North American customers. Read the full press release here.

WEDOLiT Grows the MFS Family

WEDOLiT is recognized in Europe for its high-quality innovations in cold forming, corrosion protection, and tube and pipe manufacturing. It’s one of the most widely trusted brands for steelmakers, automotive manufacturers, mechanical engineers, tube and pipe manufacturers, and plant construction operations.

In October 2019, we announced our acquisition of the WEDOLiT parent company, Wilhelm Dietz GmbH, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since then, our engineers have worked to expand and adapt the WEDOLiT product line in the global market. Comprising over 80 years of experience and development of specialist products for metalworking, this new range of products expands possibilities for manufacturers, allowing greater corrosion protection for overseas shipment, faster dewatering, and greater cold forming abilities. 

Exactly one year after announcing our acquisition of WEDOLiT, we are proud to bring this product line across the Atlantic.

World-Class Innovations for North American Industry

With our expanded WEDOLiT portfolio, we are now positioned to offer a wide array of anti-corrosion and forming solutions to the industries we have worked with since the start. 

Corrosion Protection 

Our corrosion protection products consist of super-fast dewatering fluids, short- and long-term anti-corrosion solutions, high-protection waxes, and water-miscible anti-corrosion fluids. Because of its versatility and ability to inhibit corrosion even during long-term indoor storage, WEDOLiT AN 6723 is especially suitable for overseas transportation, an increasingly important corrosion protection benchmark in the global marketplace. 

For some customers, WEDOLiT  K 856, a dewatering fluid with corrosion protection properties, can reduce dewatering times and increase corrosion protection from a few days to more than three weeks.

Additionally, this range includes environmentally friendly, VOC-free products, like AN 7114.

Cold Forming

The WEDOLiT forming fluids offer solutions for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, designed to meet the needs of many industries. Of the two stamping fluids, the chlorinated WEDOLiT FN 4170-35 is typically used for heavy forming operations involving steel and stainless steels, while non-chlorinated WEDOLiT FN 4455-55 is often utilized by the textile industry. Then there’s WEDOLiT N 22-3, a deep drawing solution, which is widely used in automotive part manufacturing and kitchenware and household appliance production. 

These forming solutions are prized for their excellent tool life and wetting ability, even when working with very thick materials with high-pressure absorption. 

Tube and Pipe Specialization

The WEDOLiT brand is best known as a global leader in the tube and pipe manufacturing industries for both welded and seamless tubes. Many WEDOLiT specialty forming fluids and expander oils are formulated with the needs of the pipe industry in mind, designed to optimize manufacturing processes and minimize costs by reducing the number of malformed rejects. Many of our products are formulated with easy-splitting technology, minimizing chemical and water consumption for a smaller environmental footprint.  

Beyond the specialization in the tube and pipe industries, WEDOLiT products have earned coveted product approvals from industrial manufacturers like Rattunde, automakers such as Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, and Ford, as well as aerospace giants like Bombardier, SAFRAN, and Airbus.  

Expanding Our Global Footprint

As manufacturing becomes more globalized, we maintain our commitment to improving the industry. With decades as a metalworking fluid leader, acquiring WEDOLiT was part of our larger goal to expand manufacturing capabilities worldwide and continue to innovate our product portfolio. 

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