corrosion inhibition
Number of products: 1
Application: corrosion inhibition
Metal: nonferrous metals [N]

Master STAGES™ RINSE 100

Mild Alkaline Detergent

Master STAGES™ RINSE 100 is a washing compound concentrate that does a great job of removing metalworking fluids and light oily films. This product will not stain ferrous or nonferrous materials and leaves an extremely thin film corrosion inhibitor, which does not interfere with gauging of parts. RINSE 100 is compatible with the TRIM family of cutting and grinding fluid concentrates.

  • Effective machine cleaner
  • Great for general cleaning of loose tools and parts
  • Excellent for use in ultrasonic cleaner systems and immersion washers
  • Provides up to one week or more of in-process corrosion inhibition on ferrous parts