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TRIM<sup>®</sup> REGULAR - 5 gallon pail


TRIM REGULAR is a chemical surface active or synthetic coolant concentrate designed for general machining and grinding of ferrous materials. It is particularly well suited for machining cast iron, but is an exceptional grinding and high velocity turning and milling fluid. REGULAR contains no sulfur, chlorine, or phosphorus, and meets the requirements of even the most restrictive chemical specifications.

  • Provides rapid and effective cooling
  • Keeps grinding wheels clean and free of loading
  • Has significant levels of specialized wetting agents for boundary lubrications even at very high SFPM
  • Has superior anti-weld action to control built-up edge and chip welding
  • Compatible with ferrous and nonferrous metals as well as most nonmetallic materials
  • Is exceptionally clean and oil free to promote a clean, safe work environment
  • Will keep your machines clean while leaving a soft, fluid film that protects the bare metal parts of your machine tools

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