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TRIM® E906

Premium, Low-foaming Emulsion

TRIM<sup>®</sup> E906 - 5 gallon pail

TRIM® E906

TRIM E906 is a premium, low-foaming formula combining the newest available technology with our proven emulsion-based cutting platform. E906 delivers consistent machining and grinding performance on a wide range of materials and applications. The stable and predictable performance of E906 makes it a first choice for manufacturers doing work for industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, energy, and specialty job shops. E906 offers a unique blend of both mechanical and extreme pressure lubricity agents.

  • Longer operational life than competitive fluids
  • Highly effective, extreme pressure additives control built-up edge
  • E906 is effective in a wide range of operations from production surface and centerless grinding to heavy-duty broaching, gear hobbing, surface, pocket, and thread milling
  • Low odor for pleasant operating environment
  • Tight emulsion reduces carryoff and gets the fluid to the point of cut
  • In high-speed turning and milling, E906 has the right balance of cooling and lubrication to provide great tool life and surface finishes
  • Low foam and low mist make it a first choice for high-pressure, high-volume coolant systems
  • Protects the machine tool surfaces while also preventing sticky ways, chucks, tool holders, and fixtures
  • Coolant is easily removed with water, working solution, or Master STAGES™ aqueous cleaners
  • Easy recycling or disposal with conventional techniques and equipment
  • Will run effectively for long periods without the need for costly additives

TRIM® E906   
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